Social media and search engines = publishers 2.0

White Hat SEO is the best way to reach and keep audiences.

Facebook, Google, Twitter and others may like to call themselves tech companies and platforms, but the reality is they are the publishers and broadcasters of the twenty-first century. Corporate digital copywriters are writing and publishing articles online, mixing commentary on relevant topics with subtle marketing for our clients. While our work used to focus on adverts in magazines, newspapers and leaflets, now we reach audiences directly through blogs, tweets and articles. These catch the readers’ attention and keeps them coming back by using White Hat SEO focused on great content and well-targeted audiences.

Copywriters write on social media and blogs.
Social media and search engines are now publishers and broadcasters.

An article in the Guardian echoes something I have thought for a long time about search engines and social media. They are publishers 2.0. and publishers have power. In the seventeenth century, the advent of the age of the printing press heralded a revolution in England. They swayed mass opinion and led to the establishment of the modern day Parliamentary democracy. This effect on public opinion has never been more clear than in the political events of 2016. Historians are likely to say that neither Brexit nor Trump would have happened without the fake news disseminated on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms. What is certainly true is that the votes were mostly won online.

White Hat SEO and target audiences work best
Good SEO and target audiences are more effective than a wide net.

But what has been used for political gain can also be used to reach new audiences for products and services. In the past, writers, journalist and publishers were limited by geography and finding customers involved a fairly scatter-gun approach; be seen everywhere, drop through every letter box and hope you hit a receptive audience. This has changed. White Hat SEO, Facebook targeted audiences and other digital marketing techniques mean an article or blog post can be put in front of those people who are likely to be most interested in it for relatively little outlay.

The key is to make use of experienced copywriters and building up marketing campaigns to find each company’s ideal target audience. Some of our clients now have databases of thousands of people who have responded to their Facebook, website blog, Twitter and Reddit campaigns with interaction rates of more than 75% and emails captured. This audience engagement, if used well, is what leads to new customers.

White Hat SEOputs great contentin front of your audience

As a writer for corporate clients, many of the companies I work with have strict regulations regarding what they can or can’t say in their marketing material. This applies as much online as in print. But by connecting their products and services to topics, events and news their customers are interested in, companies are able to reach potentially interested audiences in a way that hasn’t been possible before.

We are living through a revolution in publishing on a global scale that changes company marketing strategy as much as political campaigns. It can be very powerful when done well and those who are willing to embrace it and go on a learning journey with their digital presence have the opportunity to beat their competition to the punch.

Words by Page offers a free face-to-face* consultation analysing your existing digital presence and suggesting things you can do yourself to improve it.

* This offer is for companies based within three hours travel of our location on the south coast, including London. We also offer an online consultation for companies based across the country. The majority of our on-going clients are based in London and liaise with us using VOIP technology.White Hat SEO FB.png

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