What makes people click?

The right image increases click-through rates.

Getting your audience to click on your post is the first step to a new customer. They have engaged with your post. Then, ideally, the content makes them stay, shows them what you have to offer and encourages them to take a specific action. But that first step is key.

What made you click this time? Research by Nous showed that, for their audience, a cute cat picture often produces a higher click rate than something directly product-related. Think about what articles and posts you choose to click on when you’re on social media. Often we engage with something that’s funny, light-hearted, offering discounts, or giving free advice and tips.

The campaign goals, audience, brand tone of voice, and post topic determine the image. For a young international leisure market you may want something entirely different from a post targeted at senior business management or one pitched at a local community. Copywriters and designers have a range of options to choose from ranging from staged or real life photography, gifs and memes to infographics, diagrams and illustrations. Each has something different to offer.


Infographics can bring a dry subject to life. Here is an infographic we designed to help an accountant engage their business audience with a key tax event.

The P11D and you (1).png


You can see the difference when compared to the choice made for a currency trading app’s blog. This was reposted to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit where the eye-catching meme was used as a featured image to draw in the audience.

Poking fun at market news engages audiences.
Poking fun at serious news engages audiences.

An appropriate featured image can encourage an audience to engage with a post and click through to your site. Where possible, we source ours from copyright-free sites so there are no cost or permission issues.

Once they’re on your site, well-written content then entertains them, reminds them about what services you offer, and directs them towards your campaign goal. If you would like to talk to one of our team about how Words by Page could provide regular, engaging content like this that could bring more people to your company and achieve your campaign goals, please complete the contact form below.

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