Freelancing to success

By Emma Page

Anyone who has started a business or become self-employed will know the worry of generating income. Whatever field you’re in, growing your client base is your route to success and one of the main focuses when you open for business is finding new ones.

It’s who you know

Ask everyone you know for referrals.

There is a lot to be said for finding business through your existing contacts. The recommendation of a trusted intermediary is still one of the most important ways to build your client list. Whether you work your way through your phone list, send out a well-crafted email or set up coffees with everyone you know, make sure everyone knows what you do and that you’re open for business.

Get to know people

Networking events are a great way to find new business

Don’t scoff at signing up for a traditional networking event. Sites like eventbrite have calendars full of free or low-cost breakfasts, lunches and dinners where you can pitch yourself to local business owners. Many small businesses need to outsource services like copywriting, photography, social media management and website development. Perfect your elevator pitch, find your courage and get stuck in. Don’t forget your business cards and remember to smile – it really does make a difference.

Go global

Copywriting is ideal for a remote freelance worker. So far, I have found clients in Dubai, London, Turkey and Russia among others.

Freelancing sites like peopleperhour and upwork put businesses together with verified professionals for their one-off jobs and contract work. The jobs can come in from anywhere in the world. By opening yourself up to a global market, you may find your bottom line starts looking far healthier.

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