The best way to write a presentation

A selection of images used in the presentation with key words form the summary slide. They are accompanied by a headshot and company information.

Thank you so much Emma once again for all your efforts and passion put into my project. I shall not shy away from giving your reference to colleagues and friends.

Supreet Oberoi
Slides add to the presentation. They don’t repeat it. (No audio)

Businesses need good copywriting and design offline as well as on websites and social media.

Supreet Oberoi commissioned me to create a sales presentation for her new course, Mighty Little Souls. She wanted to wow the audience at this February’s Best You Expo in London.

What to think about in your marketing presentation

Presentations need a skilful mix of compelling text and engaging imagery. The writer and slide designer must understand

  • the brand
  • the product or service
  • the target audience
  • the speaker’s voice and style

Successful slide design

A marketing presentation should include a range of slide styles that complement each other and reflect the brand values. Each slide is a signpost that adds information to the speaker’s presentation.

In my example, I kept slide text to a minimum so the audience focused on Supreet.

Using a professional design tool, I chose a range of simple layouts and striking images that added impact to the Mighty Little Souls message.

These slide examples illustrate my approach.

Sourcing relevant statistics is part of the job.
Woman in sari meditates. Combat stress with mindful meditation.
Visuals support the spoken presentation. They do not repeat or replace it.
Supreet is able to use this slide as a spring board to discuss her philosophy and experience.
A young girl with a defiant expression stares at the camera next to headings about resilience.
Brief headlines and relevant images signpost the story.
A selection of images used in the presentation form the summary slide. They are accompanied by a headshot and company information.
A visual summary slide reminds the audience of the main points. A named headshot encourages them to talk to the speaker. A web address indicates where to learn more.

How to work with a copywriter on your presentation

Initial Briefing

The initial telephone briefing outlines all the key presentation points. For example, I recorded the call with Supreet so she could talk freely without waiting for me to write notes.

We pinned down the brand and product features in an interview style conversation. I also paid attention to the way Supreet talked during the hour-long chat noting phrases she liked to use.

This kind of extra detail means I can tailor a presentation to the speaker. That makes it feel more natural so it will flow better.

A practical presentation delivery schedule

A four week schedule is best, though this can be shorter in an emergency.

Supreet and I agreed on a two stage process: creating the speech then designing the slides. This included two written drafts followed by two slide drafts over four weeks. Supreet had a couple of days built into the schedule after each stage so that she had time to respond without getting behind.

Writing and designing are processes. Lots happens behind the scenes especially before the first draft deliveries. That’s why I usually recommend two weeks for the first text delivery. The ‘first’ draft is often the result of many discarded versions already.

I provided notes to accompany the first and second drafts of the written speech to give Supreet an idea of what the slides would look like.

It is essential that the speech comes first, but it must written with the images in mind. This means the speech will be updated when the slides are made as useful new ideas can occur during the design process.

I always includes a second draft in client agreements to give them the opportunity to react as the project develops.

Work together

If you have a writing project you’d like to talk about, drop me a line or call me on 07941 041 017.