Learn the best way to market a small business

You know you need to find customers, but you are not a marketer and you don’t have the budget to hire an agency. In fact, you might not even be sure what marketing is exactly. So where do you begin?

How do I teach myself marketing?

There is always something new to learn when you get into marketing. The digital market place is constantly evolving and it can be easy to become overwhelmed with the choices available. But the worst thing you can do is to do nothing.

It is easy to get your head around the basics and build a solid beginners marketing plan for free. Here’s how.

Use free resources

Big names like Hubspot, Zoho, and Buffer offer super-useful articles on content marketing and some even run free courses to help you grow your business online. Their courses are usually geared towards encouraging you to use their paid services, but they are still very valuable.

Right now Hubspot is giving away a 2020 small business marketing guide packed with top tips. Dive in. It’s a good place to start.

Take some free start up courses

Most regions in the UK have some kind of business start-up support. They want you to succeed so you can start paying tax and rates to support your local area. At the moment, these bodies are still funded by the E.U., but that could stop any time soon. So get in there now while you still can!

If you’re local to me, the Dorset Growth Hub is a powerhouse resource. You can claim up to 12 hours of free support to kick start your growth. Otherwise search for regional start-up funding. There is plenty out there if you look in the right places.

Find a marketing specialist

Whether the online resources are overwhelming, you can’t make it to the free local courses, or you just don’t have the time to do either of those, you can also pay someone to teach you directly and help you get started the right way.

You might not be ready to hire a big agency, but you can hire someone with agency know-how. A marketing consultant is best if you want general advice – Glenda Shawley at the Training Pack is excellent here. But if you are focused on promoting your business online, a content marketing specialist is best.

I offer a 1-2-1 content marketing consultancy alongside my copywriting business. This can range from an hour’s consultation to fire up your content creation (£149) through to a three-month kickstart programme. For this, I set up your content channels for you and run them for 12 weeks. Once they are established, I teach you how to do the parts of my job you need to learn. When the time comes, I hand your content marketing back to you to build on the initial momentum (prices from £799 per month).

Take the next step

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  1. Really helpful article, thank you Emma – especially the Hubspot guide, what better way to spend all this lock-down time!

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