My (top secret) Facebook tip for small businesses in 2020

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You know you need to be on Facebook for your business. Facebook is a major channel for most small businesses and you can do a lot for FREE. So why wouldn’t you be there?

But did you know about the valuable small business update they made? Hardly anyone has taken advantage of it and my research shows most small businesses simply don’t know it is there, even though Facebook made the change two years ago. Okay, so it is not top secret. But it might as well be if no-one is using it.

The quick Facebook update you need now

Facebook wants its users to know they can get hold of you easily. To help customers reach you, Facebook have been making updates and changes to Messenger so potential buyers can chat with you online. But they went one step further.

They made a huge change to the button at the top of your page but they didn’t do the best job of telling small businesses about it. Your customers have been stuck trying to Message you, Contact you, Learn More and so on. But did you know they can WhatsApp you?

WhatsApp for Facebook

Your customers can WhatsApp you straight from your Facebook page. Wait, what?! And why did no-one tell you this before?

The WhatsApp integration is mega. Facebook realised that not everyone wants Messenger. Plus, many people don’t want the separate Messenger app on their phone. We have all experienced messages getting lost on there, especially from people you don’t know. And that unknown person is often a new customer. So adding this option to your Facebook Business Page is a very smart move that costs you nothing.

Why do your customers love WhatsApp?

Your customers know WhatsApp is quick and simple to use. In fact, a lot of people now use WhatsApp. Hootsuite’s Digital Report says it was the #1 chat app for monthly average users in 2019. And in 2020, it became the 3rd most used app after Facebook and Youtube. WhatsApp lets you talk direct to your customers for free from the mobile in your pocket. What is not to love?

The top reason to change your button to WhatsApp right now is its emotional value. People like WhatsApp. They know they are more likely to get a human response instead of an automated one. So, while bots are really useful for things like FAQ, talking to a human is still a winning combination when you want to sell something.

Let’s make it happen

The best time to act is right now. Why don’t you head over to your Facebook page and update it? Or head to mine instead. WhatsApp me and I can walk you through it (UK office hours only please – I’m not a fan of 3am)

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